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Feb 1, 2023Liked by Amar D. Peterman

Thanks for sharing this. I’m a white, protestant male living in the US so I haven’t had the struggle of having to hold on to my cultural identity while people blamed me for causing disunity.

That said i think it is so sad when people confuse unity with uniformity. As Paul says, “you are many parts but one body, if all were a single member where would the body be?”

Whenever I think of this topic Im reminded of a mentor of mine sharing from Revelation 21:24-26. John is sharing a vision of the new earth, with a new Jerusalem and the lamb as the light and then he starts talking about how other nations will bring their glory and honor into the gates of the city. So evidently in the new creation there will be a diversity of identities that have unique ways of bringing honor and glory. How sad that we suppress the opportunity to experience it today.

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